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Through cooperation between WRU and TU Delft and Vietnamese and Dutch business partners, VINWATER executes state-of-the-art programs in fundamental and applied research in the water sector. Our competitive edge lies in the research capacity available at both WRU and TU Delft.

VINWATER also aims to create an enabling environment for research capacity which will be profitable for both the Vietnamese and Dutch water sector in the longer term. Generating research capacity is crucial to develop an innovative and modern view on the challenges in the water sector in Vietnam.ster planning, strategy design & selection, and applying an integrated approach for planning and management of the water resources.

VINWATER's services are designed for both local and international firms operating in Vietnam. For the Vietnamese clients, VINWATER's values lie in upgrading their skills and capabilities, especially specialist knowledge, report writing, management skills and language capabilities. For the Dutch organizations, companies and institutions, particularly the ones that have started recently or are still trying to get into the market, VINWATER supports their entrance into the market and helps them find the right counterparts or business partners.