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Water resources are of extreme importance to Vietnam and improved water management will have an enormous beneficial effect on the Vietnamese economy. This does not only refer to increased agricultural production or more cost-efficient use of water resources, but also to basic conditions, such as increased safety with respect to natural disasters (floods), secure supply of good quality drinking water, improved sanitation, better environmental management (less pollution) and increased resilience with respect to climate change. The demand for expertise in water resources is therefore prominent.

Recognizing this increasing demand, VINWATER aims to provide world-class experts, who will take up assignments within internationally funded projects, for the government or for private parties. The TU Delft will provide top-experts for quality control, design of studies and high-end advice and consultancy. The link with Dutch universities and knowledge institutes will ensure that “the Dutch approach and knowledge” will play a leading role in the water agenda in Vietnam for the decades to come.