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At VINWATER, we believe that it is important to keep building capacity and educate the future engineers. Therefore, it is one of our priorities to address the gap and capacity challenges in Vietnam through the partnership with international organizations and institutions such as TU Delft. Particularly, by implementing workshops and tailor-made short courses, VINWATER aims to improve the capacity of Vietnam to address national water challenges as well as to facilitate the knowledge transfer between Vietnam and the Netherlands.

For Dutch firms, we understand that it will be extremely difficult to conduct work in Vietnam without having the required local capacity and expertise. By providing an interesting working environment for the staff at the Water Resources University, WRU will be able to retain the staff with the university, so that they can continue to play a leading role in educating the young generation water engineers. The education programs will also benefit from the experience and expertise the staff builds up in the projects. This experience will be plugged-back into the education (e.g. through case studies and thesis work).

In addition, VINWATER offers a network of Vietnamese experts/alumni who work for/ together with Dutch as well as Vietnamese organizations.