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VINWATER experts have been involving in various projects related to our thematic fields, acting as project leaders, advisors or key research members, the following list highlights some of the major projects. These projects were located all over the world, with focus on innovative solutions that not only served the problems at hand but also laid a foundation for the future of water resources management and contributed to environment protection and climate change prevention.


Advances in Coastal Disasters Risk Management - Lessons from the March 2011 Tsunami - Japan

Post-flood field investigation in the Lower Chao Phraya Basin - Thailand

MARE project, multiple layers of safety in flood management

Coastal Defences Cost Estimates - Thailand

Sea dike research project Vietnam - Vietnam

Hanoi Water Resources University coastal development programme - Vietnam

Manila Bay, reclamation and water resources management - Philippines

Mekong Delta Plan - Vietnam


Comparative research on loss of life, evacuation and emergency management (EEM) methods (in preparation)

Research on the changes in vulnerability due to population growth

Dam Safety and Life Safety Model, BC

Field investigation in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina (2005)


Coastal management planning - Belgium

KLIWAS, climate change project - Germany

MICORE project, vulnerability of EU coasts for storm erosion - EU

New Delta regional project - EU

LIFE, RICAMA project, CZM Demonstration programme - EU

Israel: Feasibility of islands offshore Tel Aviv

MAST-III, SAFE-project, soft defence measures (member Technical Committee) - EU

MAST-III, PACE-project, long term morphology (member Technical I) - EU

Tidal Energy in Zeeland

Research Program on Multifunctional Flood Defenses, subproject "Hydraulic Impact of Overtopping waves on a Multifunctional dike"

FLOODSite - Integrated flood risk management in European countries - EU