The Partnership

Since the first Memorandum of Understanding between the Thuy Loi University  TLU and the Delft University of Technology - TU Delft in 1998, a very strong cooperation has been established between the two universities, with support from the Netherlands government. This cooperation has contributed greatly to the success of WRU and has given this prestigious university a leading position in Vietnam in the water resources field. The cooperation between Vietnam and The Netherlands is now entering a new phase in which it concentrates on cooperation in mutual interest. TLU and TU Delft have the ambition to bring their partnership also a step further and establish a Vietnam Netherlands Center for Water and Environment - VINWATER. The establishment of this science and technology organization between TLU and Delft will be an excellent culmination of the long-lasting cooperation between those partners. It helps in the transition from an ODA-based relation to a new form of partnership aiming at joint benefits for the Vietnamese and the Dutch.

Water will be at the top of the agenda in Vietnam in the years to come. Therefore the aim is to create a Vietnamese-Dutch entity, which will support the Dutch and the Vietnamese water sector in playing an important role in these developments in Vietnam and internationally. VINWATER will implement externally funded projects and assignments and will be actively involved in identification of project opportunities, project acquisition and project proposal preparation to acquire those projects. VINWATER will also facilitate improved research and education at TLU.

The Water Resource University - TLU

A public university under the supervision of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Water Resources University is recognized as the leading technical university in the field of water resources. It was founded in 1959 with the first official name Academy of Water Resources and Electricity, and was assigned with main responsibilities for training and research in water resources and hydropower satisfying the countrys needs.

Due to the increasingly diverse human resource needs, TLU has changed from only focusing on narrow specializations of water sector to multi-discipline curricula, including water resources, hydropower, mechanics, transportation, construction, water supply and sewerage, information technology, natural resources, environment, disaster management, economics and climate change at all levels from junior college to post-graduate. Currently, TLU is conducting 17 training programs, and is going to start new programs in several coming years. Besides, since 2006, TLU has imported curricula from prestigious universities in USA, such as Colorado State University and Arkansas University, with all the syllabuses fully translated and applied. Also, two advanced programs have been opened in Water Resources Engineering and Hydraulics Engineering, which are taught completely in English.

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Delft University of Technology  TU Delft

The Delft University of Technology  TU Delft offers higher education to Dutch and international students at Bachelors, Masters and PhD level. Executing state-of-the-art programs in fundamental and applied research, the TU Delft has an international leading position in research in the fields of delta and water technology. TU Delft also offers technology transfer and professional services to society, including services to universities, governments, international organizations and private sector worldwide.

TU Delft is collaborating with a large number of other educational and research institutes within the Netherlands and abroad and has a reputation for high-quality teaching and research.

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