The Organization


The organizational structure of the Center includes: Executive Council, Scientific Council, Management Board and professional departments and divisions. 

The Executive Council consists of representatives from TLU and TUDelft as founding members. The Executive Council will consist of 03 (three) members: 

01 (one) member appointed by TLU; 

02 (two) members appointed by TU Delft. 

Chair of the Executive Council is a member appointed by TUDelft. Parties may replace their appointed members. Appointed members may designate alternate members. 

The Scientific Council is established under the decision of the Chair of the Executive Council, consisting of experienced scientists, managers of TLU and TUDelft. The Scientific Council is responsible for giving advice to the Executive Council. 

Director General: is fully authorised for managing all aspects concerning operation of the Center. Director General pays full responsible for his/her duty in front of the Executive Council. 

Other staffs/ positions: Other staffing position such as business developers, office administrator and secretary, financial reporter and controller, resident engineer ect... can be appointed by the Director General under a full- or part- time labor contract, for short and/or long term based on actual need and operation status of the Center. Director General will decide on this and has to pay full responsible for his/her decision. 

Team of Consultants and Technicians 

Senior Science Advisors include 10 Professors, Assoc.Prof and PhD; 

Consultants and Technicians: 07 Assoc.Prof and PhD; 14 PhD; 04 M.Sc;