Founded as the result of a long-standing relationship between Vietnam and The Netherlands, particularly the strong partnership between the Vietnam Water Resource University and the Delft University of Technology - TU Delft; VINWATER is a science and technology organization that aims to further facilitate the cooperation between the two countries in the Water Sector.

Utilizing the expertise and knowledge available, VINWATER serves the needs of the market for applied oriented research and consulting in the rapid changing circumstances in Vietnam, as well as the needs of the Duitch water sector businesses in Vietnam by providing a pool of high-quality experts who will carry out (applied) relevant research and be involved in advisory services, consulting and studies.

At VINWATER, we aim to:

- Facilitate cooperation between Vietnam and the Netherlands in the Water Sector in Vietnam by:

  + Creating a pool of high-quality experts

  + Creating an enabling (research) environment of knowledge expertise and capacity in Vietnam in the Integrated Water Resource Approach.

- Become a reliable partner for Vietnam (and internationally) in the implementation of solutions for Vietnam's Water Challenges and international water challenges.

- Make available expertise and knowledge for feasibility studies, and offer smart solutions for Vietnamese organizations and government, engagement with Dutch businesses, and enhance cooperation between VN and NL parties during the implementation phase.

- Keep WRU education at a top level for students at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level.

- Execute state-of-the-art programmes in fundamental andapplied research in the water sector through cooperationbetween WRU and TU Delft and Vietnamese and Dutchbusiness partners.

- Offer technology transfer and professional ‘services to society’,including services to universities, governments, internationalorganizations and the private sector worldwide.

- Build a network of Vietnamese experts/alumni who work for/together with Dutch and Vietnamese organizations.

Facilitate access to new (international) markets in the watersector to create business opportunities and increase the (international)exposure of WRU.